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Be ready to be able to find the best plant shops that have the plants you’re looking for and share with the community!

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Everything in one place

With Bootanical you will be able to find the best plant shops that have the plants you’re looking for!

Discover new shops

We have made it easier for you to browse through a list of hidden gems where to buy your next vegetable friend.

Share your favourites and learn from locals

We want you to tell us your favourite shops so we can add them to our platform. Just press "Upload" and fill in some details, we will take care of the rest.

Keep track of your go-to places

By adding places to your favourites using the heart icon you will not only have your favourite places one click away but also will help us and the community.

Narrow based on your needs

Filter and let us know what's the most interesting shops based on your criteria. It will help us curate a more specific list of results.

Get exclusive offers

With Bootanical, having access to exclusive promotions will be easier thanks to the connection between the providers and the community.

Browse before you go

You will be able to explore the nearby shops or browse stores from further away and ensure that they have what you are looking for before you go.

Help local businesses

Given the current times and with plenty of businesses struggling, by using the app you will help them instead of shopping online.

How it works

Learn the basics of how to use Bootanical


Browse as if you were there before having to go, just yet

Keep all the places in one single list so you can scroll through the different results and decide which ones are the ones you want to check, go visit and support next time you are out hunting for your next green companion.


Explore the details

Learn as much as you can from the shops before you go there, that will help you get a sense of what to expect of the place. We show some information based on the shop description but also what the community suggests.


Save your favourite shops and spread the word

As part of the discovery of shops, also add them to your favourites so you can keep track of all those that you are interested in and take note of your next visit! And the following one, it will help everyone.